General Info

A time tunnel to the Mesozoic Era has been uncovered! Go back 250 million years in time and explore how dinosaurslived and fought and defended themselves. Learn about prehistoric climate conditions, how dinosaurs evolved and more through hands-on activities, museum-quality dinosaur animatronics, educational didactics and state-of-the-art interactive exhibits.


Dinosaur Animatronics


See 22 museum-quality dinosaur animatronics that roar and move about amidst the green foliage. Accompanying each animatronics are educational didactics with plenty of information on the dinosaurs.

RFID Dino Quest

Go on a “treasure hunt” with your Dino Detector wristband. Find all 10 dino specimens hidden throughout the exhibit. Complete your mission and be rewarded with a certificate!


Dinoshooting Range


Get your hands on a real paintball rifle and shoot down the mosquitoes that are attacking a sleeping Diplodocus.

Race A Theropod

Can you outrun Gallimimus in a 10m race? Challenge the world’s fastest dinosaur ever found, in this interactive match.


Other Activities


Many more fun activities await you at Dinoscovery. Be a paleontologist for a day and get your hands in the Excavation Pit, erupt an active volcano, or learn how Ankylosaurus used its tail to defend itself.

Souvenir Shop

Collect your photos taken at the Photo Op stations in the Souvenir Shop. Each photo comes in a special Dinoscoveryframe. You can also purchase limited edition Dinoscovery memorabilia.


Discoveria Cafe


Take a rest and enjoy a delicious meal in the Discoveria Café. Pasta, sandwiches, muffins, or fresh juice and coffee – there’s always something for everyone to relish.